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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> good morning. and welcome to san francisco city hall. on this momentus occasion, we are going to have and celebrate the unveiling of the adolf trotro bust. and so we will begin with the
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present mayor of san francisco, mayor ed lee, talking about one of the former mayors of san francisco adolf trotro. >> all right. thank you, ellen. >> you are very welcome. president lee. >> good morning, everyone and welcome to city hall. and thanks for as a various departments that are here, i understand that we have three representatives from our counsel general offices, certainly our counsel general from germany, from israel and russia. thank you very much for being here. former supervisor clint is here, i can see him in the crowd thank you for being here as well. our chiefs from the fire and police department are here. members of our commissions are here as well and thank you very
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much. my good buddy, leonid, mucupkin has been an advisor to me for many, many years previous to my being mayor of san francisco. an always been giving me great advice on t only history, buw we celebrate more of it in modern . and just a couple of weeks ago leo, we celebrated our 1906 earthquake event as we have done for the 107 years that we have had and it is great to always bring those themes of history that we have and of course, with the 1906 earthquake, the theme has been about resilancy and recovery, that we should bring today that we should continue to be a resilient city and build for the future. when you look at the history of what the mayor brought to this wonderful city in alize you hav
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similar great theme that i can bring forward today and that theme continues to be one of philantrophy. he was a self-made engineer and came to the san francisco area and as a brilliant engineer he discovered the way to drain water from the great sewer lines in the area and he became so famous with his scientific discoveries that, back then, the president johnson at the time made it a requirement to honor his patent and his royalties by his great engineering try. and so all of the miners had to pay that royalty and therefore, he obviously became wealthy. and in fact, so wealthy that he was known to own about one
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12th of the land in san francisco. and i don't know about you, i don't think that i own one 12th of my house. i think that the majority owners are my wife and the mortgage company. but, if we could follow in his example, most of his land, some of which now we understand to be the cliff house, or probably even more importantly the climasus campus, 27 acres on the hill was owned by him when he encured his wealth. and of course, in addition to that is millions of books that he donated to the city and to the public. so, in addition to being a fine, fine mayor in the 1800s, he is also was known to be not only a great philantropist what who donated a good portion of his wealth to the city. of course he was n of jewish
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faith and so he did that as well while he was mayor. all of this as part of the great history of san francisco, one that we honor and if we could bring a theme for philantropy for anybody who owns one 12th of anything here in san francisco and it would be a graccomplishment. brght to r city d am so leo has presentation with our artists. and jonna and hendrikson. you are hiding someplace, i hear that you are shy. [ applause ] >> thank you, for your artistic talent and also working with leo and the fund-raising effort, of course, that we had to bring to this effort. working through the arts commission, and our city hall historic preservatioon to stor
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to the wealth of the mayoral bust that we have in the great city hall and it is of course appropriate and timely that we do this. with that, again, i want to thank him for his wonderful leadership and you are always reminding us of great history and great stars of our history that contribute and you make it so relative with or artists and the second pride that we have in presenting the history of our city in connecting them up with what is happening today. thank you and ellen, you have one more thing to talk about when you bring these troops in to city hall, don't you? >> yes. thank you very much for joining us today. [ applause ] . >> and now we will hear from leum utkin president of united human tar an commission and then the big moment will arrive. >> thank you. sorry i can't not speak like
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our big and nice mr. mayor. and gentleman. mayor ed lee. i am very proud to have business, leading up to e completion of this project. now and also the bust will be displayed and a building that was created with love and professionalism. and all need to know in 2015, we will be celebrating the 100th university of the construction of (inaudible). the bust (inaudible). he can explain more in detail the life of the mayor and i would like to headline
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(inaudible). 1896, sutra became the mayor of san francisco and in ten years, (inaudible) the ability and willingness to spend the time to be with official and bureau crats. jewish came from japan and a jewish from russia, and this celebration was not only to sutra, but also the immigrants were failed and given to the lands of the united states. chinese and the ukraine and russian and immigrants are present today. all immigrants that are
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influenced about and delighted, (inaudible) never forget the roots. i would like to express an important thing here that the counsel general of germany and russia to be present in this event. and important conviction they assist on the life to me. to be more proud, but (inaudible) of each achievement and so as your people will gain
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(inaudible) administration of the san francisco (inaudible) thank you for your attention. [ applause ] >> we request, if you are photographing this, please do not use flash because we will have, you will have a problem
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with the image. and in the words of mark leno who unfortunately could not be here today, it says congratulations on the occasion of the unveiling of the bust of san francisco civic and cultural leader in its rightful place inside city hall. as we gather to commemorate the service to the city and county of san francisco as the 24th and first jewish mayor, i commend his many contributions and generous donation to san francisco to help to make a beautiful destination for the world to enjoy. the legacies left behind by mayor sutro will be enjoyed by future generations. may he long be remembered for as member gifts to our city and
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also, happy birthday mayor sutro. this is the day in which he was born on april 29th. this building was started on ril 5th of 1913. so it turns out that april is an incredibly important month. mayor sutro joins the other 14 busts that are presently at city hall. and now, we will hear from peter rosen, the german counsel general. >> thank you so much. and thank you, especially mr.
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mayor for gracing this ceremony with your presence tha, is appreciated and i would like to thank individually the chief of the police and the chief of the fire department for joining us here today and for interrupting their important businesses for joining us here at this ceremony, ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for coming and also to my colleagues from russia and from insurance, this is a great honor for me. i think and i will be very brief. i think that this is really a day of which we can be of which many of us can be very proud. but, probably most of all, i think that he must be very proud to see this beautiful bust now in this wonderful position standing in city hall because he has been working so long on this project. and i really would like to commend him and thank him for his tenacity. of course there are many more that i have to think, the artists and the sponsors and
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the political leadership of the city who all have supported this project but i think that he deserves a special thank you. [ applause ] . >> thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. >> now, i'm not going to add detail to sutro's biography, because i think that you may be hearing more of that from others, more knowledgeable ones. but let me just add one brief personal impression on his personality. i have developed the ha bit of going out to jobs on sunday mornings on ocean beach and when i was driving out there yesterday morning from my home in jackson corner, in light, sunday morning traffic. by the street, it is still took me about 20 minutes to get from there to actually the parking
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grounds at the cliff house. and while i was driving there and thinking about today's ceremony, i felt that it is for me, it is hardly imaginable what visions this man must have had to build out in this, or at the time, his mansion and to later on build the sutra, and i don't even want to think how much time it must have taken at the time to get from the city center to there. and so, to have this energy, and this vision to build something out on the other edge of the city. and already for me shows what kind of a man he must have been. and as you know, he not only build the bath and the cliff house, he even later on, he added a railway line from what i understand there was one.
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but he thought it was too expensive so he bought a second one which was going out from the city center, i think about eight miles to land, and to cliff house. to bring people there. and so, i finish with this. i think that all that he has done shows the wonderful entrepreneurship that he stands for and that characterizes especially jewish germans, who contributed so much to my country's development. unfortunately, as we all know, it took a very tragic turn. but he stands for those people that he would make enormous contribution to germany's development. and he came here and he made enormous contribution to this city's development and i think that the fact that he became mayor, also pays tribute and shows the spirit of this great
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city. it already to me shows the diversity that characterizes this city and that already apparently existed at the time. a city that took up immigrants from all over the world and just treated them by marriage and not by any other criteria. >> so this is a wonderful tribute, i would say to germany in a way because he came from there and he liked to claim him as such. but especially to san francisco and to this man's entrepreneurship. and i would like to thank mayor lee for giving mayor sutro's bust this wonderful spot. thank you very much. mr. mayor. thank you all. [ applause ]